The shooting process is a walk and dialogue with breaks for photography. I usually suggest calling or meeting in advance and getting to know each other, discussing the details of the photoshoot and preparation for it. Also I suggest us come a little early before the shoot and have coffee together. All these little touches and preliminary contact help to build trust and get to know each other better.

Most of the people whose portraits are presented in my portfolio are not professional models; for many, this is their first photography experience. I take responsibility for the process of posing and framing the shot, I help, guide, and give clear and understandable instructions. I work with form and do not undertake to control the content, but I treat carefully what comes to the surface.

This means that different emotions are normal and appropriate during the photoshoot. I never ask you to show joy, sadness or anything that you are not experiencing at the moment. I have a basic education in psychology, several years of personal therapy, and quite a variety of life experiences, so I practice gentle communication, rarely surprised by anything and don't judge.

I like it when there is a space for experimentation, play, trust and co-creation in the shooting process. If you have any questions, feel free to write me.
portrait photoshoot
— 2-3 hours photoshoot
— up to three people included
— 40 edited photos with light retouch
— 2 weeks delivery
— pre-shoot consultation
seaside portrait photoshoot
— 2-3 hours photoshoot (half day trip)
— up to two people included
— tickets included
— 60 edited photos with light retouch
— 2 weeks delivery
— pre-shoot consultation
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