My name is Daria. I am a portrait photographer based in London.
I am deeply interested in people, photographing them for 13 years. Photography for me is always a little more than just photography. Photography as a way to explore and see yourself detailed and complete, photography as a way to check with reality in time of change, photography as a way to give yourself time and attention, photography as an experience of interaction, trust, co-creation, photography as a way to keep a memory.

In my work, I mostly use analog processes: I take pictures with a film camera, develop the film myself and print photos from film in a darkroom. When ordering a shoot, you can agree with me to participate in the process of developing and printing photos.
By default, I send the client a digital version of the photos from the scanned film. Some of my work can be found in photo magazines such as Iconic, Sguardo and Vogue.

You can see my offers in the booking section. If you did not find what you need,
write me a message, perhaps we can arrange it individually.

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